Design, Typography, Writing

Mental Distress Handout

recognizing mental distress - referral.jpg
Created while working at the Wichita State University Counseling and Testing Center, this is a handout I wrote and designed for a presentation I gave to an on-campus tutoring group to help them identify signs of mental distress in other students.
Design, Typography, Video

The Stigma on Compound Fractures

A video about the stigma on mental illness for the Counseling and Testing Center at WSU. I shot and edited the video, and recorded and edited the audio. The tone was intended to be kind of funny.

Design, Social Media, Typography

Body Positivity Week template

EDAW 001
I created a template for some social media posts, and from there created some social media posts for the Wichita State University Counseling and Testing Center for Body Positivity Week.
Design, Typography

Out of the Darkness Walk flyer

I created this for the 2017 Campus Walk of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness walks. The Wichita State University Counseling and Testing Center partnered with our local AFSP chapter to host the walk on WSU’s campus.
Design, Typography

Sleep Week Flyer

2017 Sleep Week
This is a flyer I made for Sleep Week, a week when Wichita State University’s Wellness Division promotes healthy sleep habits for better mental and physical health.
Design, Social Media, Typography

Mental Health First Aid promotion

Fall 2016 MHFA promotion 1
Mental Health First Aid is a training the Wichita State University Counseling and Testing Center offers. While they have some strict guidelines on the MHFA brand, I wanted to incorporate CTC colors. I used their preferred fonts to tie everything together.
Design, Social Media, Typography

New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions
I made this New Year’s Resolutions post for social media for the Wichita State University Counseling and Testing Center. This was intended to help people make healthy, long-term, sustainable goals.
Design, Typography

Suicide Prevention Week flyer

Suicide Prevention Week edited
I modified this Suicide Prevention Week flyer to promote Counseling and Testing events that week. The original flyer was created by our summer intern in 2016, and while good, it didn’t match our WSUWeSupportU branding, so I modified the colors and fonts, and added our suspenders in the background.
Design, Typography, Writing

Suicide Prevention Week for email newsletter

wsuwesupportu day blurb

Design, Typography

Text-Only typography

comm 305-06-edit
This was a class assignment for an introductory visual technology class, wherein I needed to create a flyer that was visually pleasing, eye-catching and informative while using only typography. A major part of this assignment was to establish hierarchy using one to two fonts and no imagery.